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Discover potentials – make better decisions

“No action-taking without diagnosis!” – We support managers to make better decisions.

Questions over questions … but where do the answers come from?

  • What are upcoming challenges? Do we have the right people on board?
  • What are our future team leaders expected to be capable of? Who meets (not) those requirements?
  • What are the key strengths of our leadership team and where do they regularly fall of track?
  • What are the (untapped) potentials of our organization? And what do we need for the future?
  • Which chances come along with the new project? What risks can we possibly expect to deal with?
  • How well do our processes work and how do we increase our performance sustainably?
  • Where does the sand in the transmission of our processes come from and how do we make it fast (again)?
  • What is the “real” atmosphere in the organizational culture and what does it take to intervene?
  • What is laying behind the complaints about stress and overload and where are we actually falling behind?
  • ….
Management-decisions are often a change to an uncertain future. Anyone who is able to perceive and reliably assess the current reality is able to make reliable assumptions about the future and to make informed decisions accordingly. . A central Management-task is to: quickly obtain reliable information, analyze competently and evaluate with sensitivity, make startling diagnoses, make convincing decisions, initiate measures and critically review its effects.

Our services – our offer

On the basis of standardized Methods and validated Instruments we provide the necessary information and analyzes on the basis of which good decisions can be made. With a keen eye on …

  • People with their individual skills and potential.
  • …  Teams and their potential, which arises from the diversity of their members.
  • Organisations with their capacity for self-development and change.
  • Processes with their optimization potential.
In addition, we advise and assist with the implementation and establishment of diagnostic and control instruments in the company. We make sure that your company develops its own board of resources.

We’ll tackle it! – Our commitment to your decision

A selection from our competencies
  • Potential Analysis
  • Management Feedback
  • 360degree-Feedback
  • Team Diagnosis
  • Organisation Diagnosis
  • Process Descriptions and Optimization

What makes it special?

The methods and instruments used by jmcps in your company to answer your individual questions are …strategically oriented, developed and validated on the basis of theoretically sound models and applied to practical application experience, meaningful – recommendations, fields of action and options, become clearly recognizable context-related – because specific situations require tailor-made approaches.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash