Mario Jacobs

Continuity needs Change


Mario Jacobs is an expert in developing individuals, teams and organizations. He designs and implements tailor-made tools and process-oriented interventions for people who live and work in organizations.

He accompanies executives as well as management teams to create and focus on their strategic perspectives and supports successful implementation.


Bartelstrasse 45 D-25469 Halstenbek
+49 171 217 58 99
+49 4101 377 434




  • Born 1970
  • Studies in Psychology and Educational Science with its focus on consulting and training, organizational development & media didactics
  • Since 1995 as consultant in regards to “change” providing consulting services, trainings as well as its related services.
  • Family-oriented (3 children, no dog), passionate interest in music, golf and computers

Professional Background

  • Graduated Psychologist; Studies in Psychology and Educational Science with a research focus on team and organizational development, problem-solving behavior and the design of HyperMedia learning systems
  • Various trainings and further education in group dynamics, conflict moderation and team diagnosis (social architecture of groups)
  • Licensed consultant of the personality inventory GPOP ® (German-language adaptation of the MBTI to Bents/Blank) and the development instrument ARP ® as well as KAIROS ® decision making profile
  • Publications about counseling and coaching as well as social science methods

Consultancy focus

  • Consultancy and implementation of organizational development and reorganization in industrial and service companies
  • Workshop facilitation for teams and departments in manufacturing and engineering functions
  • The design of change management architecture as part of the implementation of organization and collaboration models
  • Strategy development and implementation in HR functions and internal service functions
  • Decision-making behavior and decision-making processes in organizations
  • The introduction to personnel development/ personnel management tools (annual and target interviews, performance evaluation, etc.)
  • Potential-/development analyzes in regards to staffing and management audits
  • Consulting, individual and team coaching of executives
  • Development and qualification of team leaders and high potential employees in areas of leadership, strategy implementation, change and leadership
  • Concept design and facilitation of large group events