On what topics and in which way we support and work with our customers
can best be illustrated by practical examples.

On what topics and in which way we support and work with our customers can best be illustrated by practical examples.

As part of the strategic restructuring process of the organizational structure, the hitherto independently operating personnel departments of the company’s sub-divisions are supposed to work together in more integrated manner. Therefore, the strategy must be reviewed according to the changes within the company, processes must be adapted and organizational structures put to the test. Moreover, it is key to establish a more standardized cooperation with all the company’s personnel departments. To ensure consistent human resource work that suits the international needs, intercultural differences and the growth of countries should be taken into account.

In a complex staffing process, one of the company’s key position was filled externally. The company is positioned in a difficult economic environment which is why the success of the company depends to a large extend on the success of the new manager. He should be able to act quick and fast. The most important step for the new manager is getting to know the strategy, the organization, the culture and its people. It is key that the new manager builds sustainable relationships within the organization – especially with colleagues and their teams – as well as the new manager needs to understand the company’s way of doing business in order to successfully aligning and positioning its role in the company’s .

A look beyond the horizon of the current financial year- the positioning and orientation of the company should be critically reviewed and further developed. Depending on the corporate culture of the company, the dialogue with executive levels 1-3 is given a special recognition. This requires a convincing concept and a well thought-through sequence of steps: Kick-off of the Executive Board, the development of guidelines, strategy workshops in relation to individual departments, feedback sessions between working and decision-making groups – all this takes time. With the aim of creating a common orientation and action framework for the daily work , and the aim to establish strategy work as a recurring part of the task throughout the upcoming years, – voting, decision-making, presentation of results and its establishment in conferences are part of the process.

As part of a merger and acquisition process, positions are to be filled. For the respective positions, several candidates are available. The selection of the best candidate is made based on performance, strategic and skills. A audit takes place considering performance and motivation, best-fit-assessment, results, 360° feedback, as well as the candidates’ willingness to and its corporate cultural compatibility. The restlessness and increased attrition often arising during such phases, is counteracted with a flanking retention model. This retention model shall avoid that the good employees leaving while others staying.

“How do we develop the talents of today to become the high performers of tomorrow?” With this objective in mind, the entire process chain including “selection, development, staffing” needs to be reviewed, re-designed and re-implemented. For the successful implementation, the quantitative personnel staffing figures need to be linked with the qualitative requirements for a binding planning and review process, which is aligned with the corporate strategy. Based on this approach, requirements profiles for different jobs within the company can be derived and stored together with the corresponding qualifications and development measurements.

A and qualification concept accompanies the strategic restructuring process in the company.The aim is to create a concerted action of out of a variety of activities and “construction sites” as well as to focus on the energies and resources in regards to the common goal. events, workshops and field sessions become a year-around calendar. Moreover, mission conferences, project meetings and process reviews are linked together to form a clearly structured orientation framework for and employees in terms of time and content.