Who we are. What we can do.

Located in Hamburg, our consultancy firm is internationally known for its professionalism in Coaching, strategic HR-Management and Change Management.

We are sincere and courageous consultants who stand with both feet on the ground and know a lot about the people in organisations – this applies to big companies as well as to small and mid-sized ones, private or public.

We offer partnership and effective monitoring on the way to new destinations, sustainable improvement and change of people, organisations and companies. 

Our approach is characterized by business expertise coupled with psychological authority.

We work based on sound practical knowledge and bring a lot of work and life experience.

Together with our clients, we develop a pragmatic and goal-oriented approach in complex contexts and implement customized solutions – from our portfolio of field-tested tools and interventions.

 Humanity, humor and trust are the basis for successful and meaningful cooperation.

We provide a tangible benefit and bring noticeable relief for those involved in the company.

Photo by Karlotta Jacobs