Team development

“We are strong together” or “the whole is more than just the sum of its parts”

A team develops its strength from the diversity of the individuals that meet in the team. And a common goal that makes sense for everyone and unleashes motivation. A team has the potential to outgrow individuals’ skills and competences, creating new things together that previously seemed impossible.

But in order to do so, the members of the team must overcome the limits of their own perspective, leave the personal “comfort zone” and engage in a true common thinking beyond the usual “out of the box”.

A team needs time and space to find and shape themselves as a group, to get to know each other better as individuals with their individual preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and to negotiate the rules of the game for cooperation. The task of the leadership is to create the framework for this.

Team development means embarking on a “learning journey”: the mission of the team to clarify the goals and challenges, to identify roles and responsibilities on the basis of the individual strengths in the team, to reflect shared values ​​and attitudes as a basis for cooperation, but also Being able to assess oneself better – in the mirror of the others – the methods of team development and coaching can be well combined.

Our mission: to facilitate the process of team development methodically professional and always close to the people and their needs offering opportunities for (self) reflection.

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