HR Management

People make the difference.
 People are the most important success factor in a company. People create trust and shape change! This requires a supportive framework in an appreciative corporate culture. In our opinion, it is the people who make a company agile and competitive.

People change organizations!

With years of experience in HR Management and Organisational Development, we help you to find the right HR suitable for your organizational culture. For this, we provide comprehensive and practical methods for further development, potential assessment, performance measurement and leadership and cooperation of people in companies.

To develop the HR strategy of a company and to decide how the Human Resources Management should be set up in the company, the current company strategy, its size and its complexity play a crucial role. The restructuring of HR areas, also in the international context, which involves new organisational structures and processes, accompanied with the appropriate project management behind changing processes and strategic advice to the Head of HR Management is the heart of our work.

We are guided by the latest findings and approaches to HR Management as well as from our practical experience to develop together with you what exactly your HR department needs and suits best.

In the field of methods and instruments, our focus is the development of management audits, e.g. for decisions on re-organisations, the assessment centre process, both for the selection and for the further development of employees, potential and performance evaluation procedures and systematic feedback processes, such as 360° degree feedback or employee surveys. In diagnostics, we use the current standards or develop customized solutions for you.

The pivotal point in the development and application of such practices is to help you to find the right fit for your corporate culture, to flank it holistically, perhaps even to improve it.

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash