Develop professionalism and personality.

Our coaching work is characterized by an anthropology that puts the freedom of people at the centre. The freedom to decide and to take responsibility for themselves and for others.

This is especially true for people who lead others. But also the freedom to change and to take a stance on the things that meet the people at work and not to let it just happen, perhaps most important.

We believe in the power and willingness to learn from people and their commitment to responsibility.

We accompany the human person and his role in (re) discover his him personally important values. We want to support the design of the “how”, that is, in achieving these personal values in the (professional) life – practice and transfer-oriented.

Possible to develop concrete actions and setting alternatives with each other is at the centre and creates to us an important momentum for personal development. The experience of sense and its implementation into practice generates a strong and sustained motivation. 

We work as coaches with top executives – even in onboarding situations – and managers who are responsible for organisational units or will be in foreseeable future. Close attention is also placed on women in leadership positions. Another important part of our work is the reflexion for future managers and potential candidates of a company.

Team development – achieving goals together

As well as individuals, also teams can benefit from the “learning journey coaching” which can involve to determine the mission of the team, to clarify the goals and challenges. With the aim to enhance cooperation, coaching can support teams to reflect on common values and attitudes as well as to identify roles and responsibilities based on team members’ individual strengths…the methods of team development and coaching building an important synergy and are well compatible.